Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dark Bond by Eliza Gayle

When tragedy strikes and Darken is faced with the death of his lover, Ezra, he does the one thing he swore he never would to save him.

Summon the Goddess of Night to turn him...

But her service always comes with a price. A bargain that is set on her terms...her desires.

How far will Darken go to save the one he loves now from the one he loved then?

This book includes flaming hot m/m/f scenes that may leave you wishing you had some vampires of the night all for yourself.


“I know what you are and you deserve to die once and for all!” A hooded man screamed at him as
Ezra stood transfixed next to him. Darken reached for his lover and pushed him far enough out of the

“Go and get some help. Call 911!” The vicious tone of his voice chilled his own blood. When Ezra
didn’t move, he yelled again. “Go now!”

From the corner of his eye he saw an arm with something gripped in the hand swing and arc down
toward his chest. He tore his gaze from his lover and blocked the blow but not before the sharpened
tip of the stake tore through his shirt and scraped at the skin of his chest.

Darken managed to jump up on a ledge giving him enough time to recoup his wits and check on
Ezra, who was no longer sitting where he’d been pushed to the ground. Thank God he listened to me
for once.

He and Ezra had been minding their own business and this prick had attacked them from
nowhere, now he was pissed.

He flew down from his perch, his black coat billowing out behind him. Despite knowing what he
was, the man showed no fear as he again made the first move and boldly attacked with reckless
abandon; the kind of thing you saw when you watched someone being driven by vengeance or alcohol.
Darken drove his foot into the man’s gut, sending him flying at least thirty feet. Not wanting to
lose his momentum he ran after the man and pulled him up by the collar of his shirt.

“Who sent you?” He peeled his lips back in rage, baring his razor sharp fangs that he would
happily use to rip out the man’s throat, if he didn’t stink so bad that is.

“I’m not telling you shit you piece of filth.”

He smirked at the man. “Are you kidding me? Have you smelled yourself lately? If you’re going to
try and kill someone for no good reason the least you could do is take a shower and not suffocate me
with the aroma cloaked around you.” He crinkled his nose in distaste and slammed the man’s head
down onto the concrete hard enough to concuss him but not kill him.

Darken let go of the grimy clothing and stepped back, anxious to get away from here and the bad
feeling he harbored in his gut. Something about this didn’t feel right. He made his way back to where
he’d tossed Ezra and pulled out his cell phone to call him when an ear splitting human scream split
the night air.

He twisted around to his worst nightmare. The attacker had not only regained his equilibrium
but he had grabbed a returning Ezra who he had tackled to the ground. But even more disturbing was
the sight of the wooden stake driven into his chest.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the killer laughed at him and turned tail and ran,
disappearing into the fog. Naturally Darken wanted to lay chase and rip the man’s head from his body
but he ran to where Ezra lay dying on the ground. Eyeing the wound, his heart shattered into pieces.
No doubt the stake had pierced the heart in two, something no mortal or immortal for that matter
could return from.

Darken looked down into the face he cradled in his hands. Blood trickled from his mouth and his
eyes were glassed over. Ezra had been his mortal lover for three years and now he would die thanks to
Darken’s own curse. Some called it a gift, but most days it didn’t feel that way. Especially when an
attack on his life had just resulted in the death of his best friend. A man he didn’t want to live

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