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Love's Immortal Pantheon reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed!

Love’s Immortal Pantheon by Dagmar Avery, Selena Illyria, Tilly Green, Cat Johnson, Eliza Gayle, Diana DeRicci and Kayleigh Jamison

Tease Publishing


Reviewed by Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

“Becoming Persephone” by Dagmar Avery

Drea is visiting Greece while mourning a woman who was like a mother to her. While there, she is invited to a party and decides to go. However, this is an odd party as she meets someone who thinks he is Hades and that is just the beginning of her night. Drea thinks that Hades is one hot and sexy man, even if she doesn’t believe he really is the god. Hades is pretty sure that Drea can be his next Persephone. Will a game of hide and seek that rambles though the party show Drea that maybe the gods do play on earth and that maybe the sexy man she wants just might be a god in more than looks?

Ms. Avery takes a fun and kinky look at just how the gods might decide on who to develop a new relationship with. Drea knows that she will be sleeping with the man who calls himself Hades, but why make it easy for him? Hades believes that Drea was meant to be his next consort, that is, Persephone. I enjoyed watching Hades and Drea play their games while the party was going on. “Becoming Persephone” is a great start to the anthology.

“Erato” by Cat Johnson

Erato agrees to help out Aphrodite on a project. The only thing is he doesn’t know exactly what the project is or anything else except he is to make someone love him. The next thing he knows, Erato wakes up outside a restaurant with no memory of how he got there or why. Acantha is the owner and head cook of the restaurant that Erato shows up at. Acantha is instantly drawn to him and one thing leads to another that night. When they wake up, Acantha knows that she has fallen for Erato with no idea who he is and anything about him. But falling in love may be just the beginning of just what the gods and goddesses on Olympus have planned.

“Erato” is a look into some of the lesser beings that live on Olympus and how they can be affected by the larger gods and goddesses. I thought that both Erato and Acantha didn’t really factor into the games that Aphrodite and others were playing even though they were directly affected by it. I was truly happy when Erato and Acantha found a way to belong together no matter the how or why.

“Hephaestus Lays Down the Law” by Tilly Greene

Hephaestus might know how to heat his metal but somehow he hasn’t found the way to keep his wife happy and loyal. Aphrodite is always playing—actually sleeping—with someone and he has to hear about it. Hephaestus has had it and this will be the last time. Now to figure out a plan to show his wife just what is going to happen from now on. Plans are made and ready to enact, this is going to be one hot night and it has nothing to do with his forge.

Ms. Greene knows how to turn on the heat full blast and “Hephaestus Lays Down the Law” is no exception. I was cheering for Hephaestus when he decided that it was time to show Aphrodite just how things were going to be. I was also surprised to learn what was behind Aphrodite’s actions. Communication is a major factor in relationships and I see that is no different on Olympus. One hot and erotic night brought not one understanding but a couple of them.

“Pluto's Offering” by Selena Illyria

Iriana makes sure that a bride’s day goes off without a hitch. Mind you, odd things can still happen, but Iriana will take care of them and make the wedding as great as possible. Car trouble leads Iriana to the wrong shop and from there her day goes really wrong. Served up as a sacrifice, Iriana is scared witless only to be rescued by one sexy man called Pluto. Pluto just wants to be left alone, but he goes to get the next person sent to him. However, he is not expecting the vivacious Iriana. Pluto might be a god of the underworld, but he knows a great thing when it is served up to him and Iriana is it. Will a month be enough for both of them so that when they have to part it will be without broken hearts?

“Pluto’s Offering” is a look at a future when the old gods have been brought back into prominence. Pluto likes being left to his readings alone, but once a month he goes to rescue whoever is sent as the offering. Iriana was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being this months’ offering. But being sent to Pluto might not be a bad thing. I found Pluto and Iriana to have sparks right away and I was not surprised at all on how it ended—very happy, but not surprised.

“Seduction in Moonlight” by Diana DeRicci

Selena is tired of not having someone special in her life. Living in the night as she does, most of the time she just gazes down on earth and watches the mortals. But for three special nights, Selena is going to have what the other gods have—someone special to love her. Edmon is a warrior who loves the moon and whenever he can, he watches it and wonders what wonders it hides. Edmon is surprised when Selena appears before him and asks for nothing more than three special nights. However, when it is clear that three nights just won’t do, what solution can Edmond and Selena find for a mortal and a goddess?

Ms. DeRicci brings to life a love story of one of the goddesses that isn’t as well known. Selena and Edmon just want to explore what has come between them. But when you are dealing with Olympus’ rules, wishes don’t always come true. Selena comes up with a solution, but I was not surprised when Edmon made a major change with it. Gods and goddesses have rules to follow, but love has its own rules and sometimes those are much more important. “Seduction in Moonlight” shows just that.

“Dark Bond” by Eliza Gayle

Ezra and Draken are an unusual couple but one that are in love nonetheless. The main difference is that Ezra is human and Draken is a vampire—not that Ezra knows that. When Ezra is mortally wounded in a fight, Draken does the only thing possible—he calls Nyx, the goddess of all things dark and asks that she help him change Ezra over. Nyx agrees but for a price. Draken agrees thinking he knows what she wants. Imagine his surprise when he is wrong. Nyx wants both of them. Explaining things to Ezra might be more difficult with this, but Draken soon discovers that things are not what he thought and he is the one due the explanation. Can this very unusual threesome find a way to let the past rest and live their long lives together?

“Dark Bond” brings together a very usual threesome in a way that might end their relationship before it gets a chance to live. I could feel the love between Ezra and Draken even while they were fighting for their lives. When Nyx came in to save Ezra and then claimed her prize, I was unsure if any of them would be left together. When Draken, Ezra and Nyx finally laid all the cards on the table, I enjoyed just how things turned out.

“The Spoils of War” by Kayleigh Jamison

Ares has helped a general win his war and now wants his promised prize. For Ares this prize can only be a woman, and for him it has to be a virgin. The general, when apprised of this, reluctantly agrees and takes Ares to a London social party. Ares immediately sees the woman who will be is next consort—Lady Serena Tolson. It has been rumored that Lady Tolson was compromised and that she is untouchable. Really? Rumors are started for various reasons and they are not going to stop Ares. Serena, once she is alone with Ares, doesn’t see any reason not to make the rumor true. After all, he is a sexy god and one that makes her insides very happy.

“The Spoils of War” brings the god of war together with one very intelligent lady of old London. Ares and Serena seemed to have been meant for each other, for once they actually talked the sparks were zinging all over the place and it took very little time to discover that sparks can lead to a love that can transits time. Ms. Jamison’s look at the London society during regency times showed just how fast a god can fall.

Love’s Immortal Pantheon takes a look at some of the known and not so known gods and goddess and just what they are getting up to. I truly enjoyed the majority of the stories written by some good authors. Placing the entire anthology around the gods and goddesses of the Pantheons was a great starting point. My only complaint is that as the stories went on they because shorter and shorter and not as fulfilling. But I know this happens sometimes when so many authors are placed in one anthology. Love’s Immortal Pantheon gives a look at how the residents of Olympus find a great love to last the ages.

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