Thursday, April 8, 2010

Orion's Star by Selena Illyria is Out Now!

Once every ten years Orion is let down from the heavens to explore the mortal world below. On his last sojourn he encountered a woman unlike any he has ever known. Despite their passion and growing emotional connection he had to let her go. Now the time has come for another trip to the mortal plane and this time he wants to be with his woman, the gods be damned.

The question is after ten years and an abrupt good-bye will she still want him?

Coffee. I need coffee. Starla shuffled into the kitchen and looked around the shiny silver countertops for anything to combat her caffeine craving.

“You know you're late?” Her roommate and best friend, Tillie said as she brushed past her, mug filled with hot chocolate in hand.

“Yeah, yeah, Ba'al can bite me.” Starla paused. “Don't tell him I said that. He actually might do it.”

Tillie laughed long and loud. “The coffee is ready. You know one day I'm going to catch you cuddling up to Mr. Coffee and I have to ask, what would your dream man think of that?”

Starla groaned. “Don't remind me, please. Those dreams started again. I haven't had a good night's sleep in a week and a half and it shows. Ba'al thinks I've turned into a klutz. I'm scared he might actually fire me.”

Tillie snorted. “Doubt it. If you just explain-”

Starla held up a hand as she picked up the coffee pot. “No, no, no. Then he'll think I've over imbibed on Morpheus' Special punch.”


Starla shook her head and poured herself a mug of coffee. “I'll deal. It will go away like it does every year.”

“Yeah, but you're not hearing what I do at night. You actually screamed. I was jealous. All I get are dreams about lost socks. You have a full blown dreamgasm. I think we should switch.” Tillie chuckled and took a sip of hot chocolate.

“You have a boyfriend so stop complaining. How the hell do you drink that stuff? I had one sip and damn near blew out my esophagus.”

Tillie chuckled. “You just haven't got a taste for it. Besides I could say the same thing for you. All that caffeine.” She shuddered.

“Don't knock it, till you've tried it. Ahhh, French Press, you love me so much.”

“Seriously if I get an invite to your wedding and find out you're marrying Mr. Coffee and I'm going to commit you.”

“You're just jealous that I have a great relationship with the coffee maker and you don't. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to grab my crap and get going before Ba'al, sets the hounds of hell on my cute ass.”

“Don't stop by Starbucks, they've just released a new flavored mocha.”

“Thanks for the tip. Later.” Starla downed the rest of her coffee, grabbed her coat and purse and headed out the door. As she drove to The Cave, her thoughts turned to her dreams. Her grip on the wheel of her Toyota Prius tightened as she tried to suppress the shiver of arousal that traced its way down her spine. Her nerve endings came alive as her pussy clenched. She wanted to squeeze her thighs together to stave off the hunger that burned in the pit of her stomach. A fog of desire wove patterns throughout her mind reminding her of his hands, his lips, his body pressed against hers, the feel of his cock as it pressed against her dripping entrance before he sunk into her wet heat.

Starla groaned and shook her head. “Snap out of it. You're driving moron.”

She slowed the car and came to a full stop at a red light before reaching over and blasting some music. Much to her annoyance Enter the Sandman began to blare from the speakers. She quickly shut off the radio and resumed driving, with a stop at Starbucks, of course. Coffee cup in hand she strolled into the private adult club, The Cave, owned and operated by the god Ba'al, who judging by the way he was barking out orders was not in a good mood. Starla was about to creep by him and pretend that she had just come in from running errands when he growled out her name. “Starla.”

She didn't bother trying to tip toe past him. Coffee cup in hand she strode up to him, heels clicking on the flagstone floor. She came to a stop next him and waited for the verbal reaming that she expected. Instead, he surprised her.

His voice was a soft, rough whisper when he spoke to her, “Next time you're going to be late, call. Damn near had a heart attack when I walked into the club area to find twenty sets of buck antlers. I have no clue what the hell Bacchus, wants with them and don't want to ask so you'll have to deal with him on this. Damn Bacchanal is going to kill me. Addison's, already pissed I'm not home much.”

He shook his head. “But that's beside the point. We have a new bartender. I need you to show him around. I can't deal with him at the moment. His name is Orion Anso.”

Her heart skipped before it started to beat at regular pace. She shook her head. It couldn't be. He's not… She whirled around, looking everywhere for him. “Where is he?”

“By the bar. What the fuck, no, no, no that St. Andrew's cross doesn't go there. Jesus, what the hell are you doing?” Ba'al marched off to deal with some of the decorators.

Starla scanned the bar area and spotted him. His back was to her. Long platinum blond hair streaked with strands so bright they looked white fell over his shoulders. Wide shoulders were covered in a worn black leather motorcycle jacket that fell at the waist. Dark rinse denim cupped and molded around his muscular ass and athletic thighs. She saw a hint of the black heels of boots but that was about it. As if sensing her scrutiny, he turned around. She forgot how to breathe. Everything stopped around her as the world melted away. Her grip loosened on the coffee cup. It fell to the floor forming one big puddle.

Orion. Dear God, it is him.

Blue-grey eyes bore into her with an intensity that heated her right to her soul. His square jaw and sharp cheekbones dusted with pale blond hair. His sensual mouth quirked into a smile. She licked her suddenly dry lips and tried to re-learn how to breathe. Her breath came out in soft puffs as her body heated and tightened. Her pussy tingled with awareness. A sob came out that she couldn't take back. Goddess he hadn't changed, not one bit. Her gaze caressed his thick white-blond eyebrows. His long, pale lashes made his eyes seem brighter. She remembered past times when she would trace a finger down his nose, giggle when her finger ran over the bump.

He'd told her that his brother had broken it on a hunting trip where he'd bagged a stag. She swallowed. Can't be him, can't be the same man. He'd disappeared, left me. The beginning of tears formed in her eyes as she remained rooted to the spot staring at him. The man she'd loved in the bloom of her youth gazed back at her, a smile on his lips, his arms open and welcoming. Before she could stop herself she went to him, needing to feel his warmth around her once more, wanting to make sure he was indeed real.

She threw her arms around him and inhaled the soft, sensual scent of leather, underneath that was the same musky male scent that she sometimes smelled in the air for the briefest second before it disappeared. For a moment she just melted into him and allowed old memories to run through her. Those two weeks they made love, laughed, cuddled and held each other. Tears blurred her vision and she buried her head deeper into his shoulder. White hot anger bubbled up dowsing the moment with bitterness.

Starla stepped out of his arms, wiped away the tears before she curled her right hand into a fist and punched him square in the jaw. Before anyone could say or do anything she ran to one of the club's theme rooms and slammed the door behind her.

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